Kapersky Endpoint Security For Business


Kapersky Endpoint Security For Business

Security Tools Combined With IT Optimization features abound in this valuable array of solution from Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky's Advanced tier delivers the delivers the protection and management solution your organization needs to enforce IT Policy, keep users free from malware, prevent data loss and enhance IT effciency.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business - Select Tier. Featuring Control Tools and Mobile Security

Powerful Encryption Technology

Full disk and folder level AES 256-bit encryption protects lost or stolen data and allows secure data sharing via removable devices, email, network or web, all with transparency to the User.

Mobile Deployment And Security For Smartphones And Tablest

Agent-based mobile endpoint security and remote device and software policy management throught Kaspersky MDM.

System Configuration And Patch Management

Operating Systems image creation and deployment, vulnerability scanning, automated patch management, Network Admission Control, inventories and license management combine to provide a fully integrated toolkit administered through a single, user-friendly central console.

Powerful Endpoint Anti-Malware and Flexible Controls

Kaspersky's cloud-assisted 'best of bread, anti-malware and granular applications, web and device control tools.

Comprehensive Encryption

Choose from full-disk or fle level, backed by Advanced Encyrption Standard (AES) with 256 bit encryption, to secure critical business information in the event of device theft or loss.

Support For Removable Devices

Increases your security through policies that enforce the encryption of data on removable devices.

Secure Data Sharing

create encrypted and self-extrating packages to ensure data is protected when sharing via removable devices, email, network or web.

Transparency For End-Users

Kaspersky's Encryption solutions is seamless and invisible to users, and has no adverse impact on productivity. No impact on application settings or updates, either.

Patch Management

Advanced in-depth scanning for vulnerabilities combined with the automated distribution of patches.

Operating System and Application Image Deployment

Easy creation, storage and deployment of system images from a central location. Perfect for a migration to Microsoft Windows 8.

Network Admission Control (NAC)

With Network Admission Control (NAC), you can create a network 'guest' policy. Guest devices (including mobile devices) are automatically recognized and sent to a corporate portal where the correct identifications password enables them to use the resource you've approved.

Remote Deployment Of Software

Central deployment of software to client machines, even to branch offces.

Hardware, Software & License Control

Hardware and software inventory reports help keep control over software license obligations. so you can save on costs by centrally provisioning software rights.

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